Africa Summit 2016

The 2016 Africa Summit St. Gallen - The "Rising Millennials"

Last year's conference was about the Rising Millennials. Through exciting panels and ambitious speeches, the 2016 Africa Summit St. Gallen aimed to show that, after a decade of significant growth, the flawed idea that treats Africa as a homogenous disaster area is now history. Indeed, business optimism has led African economies to rise among the fastest growing in the world, allowing inspiring African success stories to pave the way towards economic stability. 
The 2016 Summit has explored innovative opportunities thanks to the wonderful team, the amazing speakers and, of course, everybody who attended.


Impressions from 2016

Some impressions from the summit 2016. It was amazing!

Africa Summit 2016 QuotesAfrica Summit 2016 QuotesAfrica Summit 2016 Quotes


  • I very much liked the Summit and strongly believe that it is the start of something great....

    Tewodros Assefa 
  • It was an interested public with excellent questions and I found it very stimulating. The organization around that event was modest and adapted to the environment. Well done.

    Dov Bar-Gera

  • I must say (and I am not exaggerating), it was the most balanced and accurate view of how business is conducted in Africa that I have heard in this university since I got here. 

    Mumbi Wachira